heightec equipment for work at height

Height Safety and Rescue Equipment

Specialist height safety and rescue equipment available to buy online. heightec are a leading supplier of fall protection and rescue products to the work at height industry world wide.

• Work at height kits
Height safety work kits • Work at height kits Specialist work at height and fall protection safety kits for rope access, wind turbine climbing, telecoms personnel, riggers, pylon technicians and roof workers.
• Rescue kits/systems
• Rescue kits/systems Rescue & evacuation kits with casualty handling systems for every work situation and every type of industry that works at height
• Harnesses
Safety harnesses for every type of work at height, safety, fall arrest and rescue. • Rescue harnesses Rescue harnesses to allow a rescuer to work safely in exposed locations. They are generally designed for specific purposes.
• Rope access harnesses Sit and combination safety harnesses with central attachment and a high degree of support for the back and the legs
• Tower/rigging harnesses Tower climbing and rigging harnesses. High specification harnesses with multiple attachment points which can be used for all working techniques.
• Fall arrest harnesses Fall arrest safety harnesses for work at height in a wide variety of fall protection and fall arrest systems.
• Wind turbine climbing harnesses Safety harnesses suitable for ladder climbing and fall arrest. Specifically designed for the renewables industry.
• Backup
Rope Access Backup Device • Backup Backup device for rope access.
• Lanyards
energy absorbing lanyards • Single Lanyards Single legged energy absorbing fall arrest lanyards to limit the impact force on a person during fall arrest
• Adjustable lanyards Adjustable lanyards are used to prevent a fall (work restraint)or to support the user in a comfortable position (work positioning).
• Restraint lanyards To prevent workers entering an area where there is a risk of falling
• Twin Lanyards Twin legged energy absorbing fall arrest lanyard to limit the impact force on a person during fall arrest
• Fall arresters, rope grabs
Fall arresters and rope grabs • Fall arresters, rope grabs Fall arrest equipment for various work at height scenarios
• Descenders, ascenders
descenders, ascenders, rope grabs • Descenders Descenders for rope access, tower rescue, rope rescue and personal evacuation
• Ascenders Ascenders for climbing a rope and for assembling pulley systems
• Slings, nylon and steel
Slings, nylon and steel • Slings, nylon and steel Portable steel and textile anchor slings for work at height.
• Rope, Rope protection
Kernmantel static rope low stretch rope and rope protectors • Rope Rope for work at height, rope access and rescue
• Rope Protection Rope Protection
• Accessory Cord 3-7mm accessory cord reels
• Helmets
Helmets for height safety, rigging, rope access and rescue • Helmets Specialist helmets for industrial climbers and rope access. Industrial helmets compatible with other PPE for more general work at height.
• Bags
• Bags Durable kit bags for personal equipment and work systems
• Pulleys
• Pulleys A range of rescue and light lifting pulleys for general applications or casualty recovery.
• Connectors
connectors hooks karabiners for safety harness fall arrest rope access tower climbing • Aluminium Karabiners Lightweight karabiner connectors
• Steel Karabiners Steel karabiners for use in all aspects of PPE or rigging systems
• Screwlinks For interconnections in fall arrest and rope access systems.
• Rescue equipment
rescue equipment • Rescue equipment Rescue equipment - stretchers, quadpods, winches and pulleys for industrial rescue and casualty handling.
• Miscellaneous
• Miscellaneous Rope protection, footloops, rope access seats
• Vertical Systems
Vertical System Fall Arresters • Vertical Systems Fall arresters for fixed vertical systems
• Fall Arrest Blocks
Fall Arrest Blocks • Fall Arrest Blocks Fall arrest and recovery blocks for all work at height