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Rescue equipment

Rescue equipment - stretchers, quadpods, winches and pulleys for industrial rescue and casualty handling.

Rescue equipment
Rotor CRD • Rotor Constant Rate Descender For self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures, including wind turbines
Quadra rescue device • Quadra - Rescue, Life-lining and Back-up Device Device for use in rescue systems for life-lining, lowering, hauling and descending. Incorporating folding handle.
Tripod Portable Anchor • Tripod Portable Anchor Portable anchorage device for access and rescue
Quadpod rescue anchor • Quadpod anchor, portable Four-legged portable rescue anchor for excellent stability and use over trenches
Rescue winch • Rescue winch, self tailing Highly geared rope winch for use with Quadpod
Rescue stretcher • Rescue stretcher - Chrysalis Versatile rescue roll stretcher with patented integral casualty harness
Hurricane Pro • Hurricane Pro Casualty recovery hauling device
Drag Stretcher • Drag Stretcher 3/4 length stretcher designed for confined area rescue, ideal for wind turbine rescue
Suspension Relief Strap • Suspension Relief Strap Provides support for both feet allowing the user to stand up and so relieve pressure on the legs.