heightec equipment for work at height

Slings, nylon and steel

Portable steel and textile anchor slings for work at height.

Slings, nylon and steel
Sewn Nylon Sling, 25mm • Sewn Nylon Sling, 25mm Round sewn sling, 25 mm
Sewn Nylon Sling, 25mm Protected • Sewn Nylon sling, 25mm Protected 25 mm wide nylon round sling inside protective sleeve.
Steel Anchor Sling, 7mm • Steel Anchor Sling, 7mm Durable, portable anchor for structural attachment
Vector Extension Link • Vector Extension Link Provides an extended attachment for D23 Vector Fall Arrester.
Quantum Extension Sling • Quantum Extension Sling Provides a harness link for D26 Quantum.