Facilities management
Equipment and training for cleaning and maintenance, including roof safety, suspended cradles, fall arrest and rope access

Facilities management presents difficulties in both the vertical and horizontal. Common activites are internal and external window cleaning (typically using fall arrest lanyards), roof top access for gutter and skylight cleaning and rope access for atria and vertical surfaces , both indoors and out.

Suitable anchor points are often lacking. heightec offer a wide selection of anchorage methods, including permanent eyebolts (both fixed and removable), portable deadweights and portable steel slings for structural anchors.

A wide variety of adjustable restraint and fall arrest equipment is available in ready to use kit form.

The National Centre for Work at Height offers a very wide range of facilities related courses, from Management of Work at Height, to Anchor Fixing and Rope Access.

Training courses Advanced First Aid Basic Harness Fitting & Use Confined Space Entry (Escape BA) Confined Space Entry - Revalidation Emergency First Aid at Work EFAW Evacuation by descent FASET Advanced Net Rigger Inspection of PPE - Competent Person IRATA Rope Access Supervisor - Level 3 IRATA Rope Access Technician - Level 1 IRATA Rope Access Technician - Level 2 ISO Rope Access Supervisor ISO Rope Access User Managing Work at Height Rescue After A Fall - Lowering and Lifting RF hazards - awareness and monitoring Roof Safety, Access & RF Awareness Rooftop Ladder Access and Recovery Using Height Safety Equipment Work at Height Emergency First Aid Key products Compact - X-Cam Basic Ascender Eclipse - Rope access sit harness with side D's Extol Helmet for work at height EN 12492 Hurricane Pro Lanyard, 1.75 m, karabiner - Tensor Nexus 2 Point - Fall arrest height safety harness Octo - Chest harness Personal kit bag with 7kg WLL Plexus - Chest harness link Prism Descender Pulley, alloy, 2 cm Pulley, alloy, 5 cm Pulsar - X-Cam Handled Ascender, right Restraint lanyard 1.5m, rope, karabiner Restraint lanyard 1.5m, rope, scaffold hook RoofRider adjustable anchor line Rope access workseat Rope protector set - Magic Carpet Rotor Constant Rate Descender TECTRA 10.5mm Low Stretch Rope - White TECTRA 11mm Low Stretch Rope TECTRA 11mm Low Stretch Rope - Black TECTRA 11mm Low Stretch Rope - White Twist - X-Cam Chest Ascender Vector Fall Arrest Device White rope, low stretch static 10.5 mm - TECTRA - 50m White Rope, low stretch static 11 mm - TECTRA - 50m length
Ready to Use Work & Rescue Kits Temporary Horizontal Anchor Line MicroPack - Self Evac System RescuePack Roof safety kit Eclipse Rope Access Kit