Rope Rescue - Supervisor (FS Type 4)

Comprehensive rope rescue skills for supervision of any rescue situation

Rope Rescue - Supervisor
Provides the skills and knowledge required to Supervise Rope Rescue operations within a team.

Supervisory skills are assessed during the execution of realistic situations in a wide variety of indoor (industrial) and outdoor (rural) environments.

Rescue scenarios include quarry, telecoms tower, monopole, high platform, suspended beams, deep shaft, high rooftop and others.

Candidates must already be competent in a wide range of rescue and access techniques. This course is not suitable for inexperienced or occasional rope users.

A detailed syllabus for rope rescue, with content focussed on dealing with complex scenarios and detailed procedures.

Advanced rescue skills, including rescue in ascent, rescue from a traverse, cableways and tensioned lines, stretcher and casualty handling, recovery from confined spaces (including very narrow entrances), mechanical advantage and pulley theory.

Includes the selection of suitable anchor points, awareness of possible hazards, methods of operation of rope devices, control during lowering or raising operations.

This course covers all aspects of suspension trauma, including methods of minimising the effect on the casualty and how to handle the casualty when they have been recovered to a safe place.

ACWAHT (Advisory Committee for Work at Height Training) syllabus is also covered in this course.

Arranged to order for groups only. Please call for details.
course code: TRE8S
duration: 5 days
location: Kendal, London, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Leeds
entry rqmts: Rope Rescue Technician certificate or equivalent. Must be completely conversant with basic access and rescue procedures. Minimum age 18. Must be fluent in English.
instructor ratio: 1:4
course cost: 864.00 + VAT
assessment: Practical and written
certification: heightec certificate
medical rqmts: Physical fitness with no contra-indications for working at height.


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