Courtesy Safety Notice

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One of our suppliers, Austri Alpin have issued inspection advice for their Cobra quick connect buckle.

This buckle has recently been phased out on heightec products but has been used on the following products manufactured before October 2014:

  • H33  Cirrus (Std and large)
  • H00  Cirrus belt (Std and large)
  • H05  Bee arborist harness
  • H21DQ  Matrix Q/C legs (Std and large)
  • H23OHL  Europa OHL (Small, std and large)
  • H23Q  Europa Q/C legs
  • H22  Zero-G Q/C legs
  • H32QOS  Lifejacket harness Q/C legs
  • MS01  Chrysalis stretcher


  • MS01         Batch date:      23/11/15
  • H21DQ    Batch date:      20/11/15
  • H33            Batch date:      15/12/15
  • H21DQ    Batch date:      13/11/15
  • H00            Batch date:      20/11/15

Please click here to read the courtesy safety notice and follow the instructions.

If your harness does not have quick connect buckles or they are not the same type as those shown on the notice no further action is required.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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