COVID-19 Policy on Training Adjustments (Issued 17/05/20)

heightec Policy on Training Adjustments Due to COVID-19 – Issued 17/5/20

We are monitoring published Government policy and guidance daily for updates, including information published on GOV.UK, by Public Health England and NHS.

Because of the need to bring back our training activities in a safe and professional manner we have conducted a thorough risk assessment of course content and our venues and are taking additional measures to protect our employees and candidates.

The following actions have been implemented in line with guidance issued by the UK Government for employers and for educational settings.

Considerations for Training Candidates

We request that any prospective candidate that has Covid-19 or has been exposed to a person with known symptoms within the past 14 days does not attend a training course.

We will conduct a non-contact temperature check on candidates before they enter our premises, any person showing a higher temperature than 38C will be asked to leave and seek medical attention.

We will also visually monitor candidates throughout their training course looking for symptoms consistent with contracting COVID-19.

Candidates will be required to confirm their acceptance of these additional safety checks by completing a specific COVID-19 Medical Declaration form.

Additional Hygiene Measures

  • All candidates and staff will wash hands upon entering all premises.
  • Additional cleansing stations in place.
  • Additional, regular washing of hands will be requested at intervals throughout the day, especially when eating or drinking.
  • Guided walkways and one-way systems in place.
  • Seating areas set out at 2 metre distancing.
  • All food is supplied individually wrapped.
  • Doors, handrails, tables, chairs and washroom facilities are disinfected daily.
  • Gloves, face masks and glasses will be issued to candidates for the course.
  • Helmets, harnesses and lanyards are sanitised after every course.
  • Helmets and harnesses will be cleaned and quarantined for 3 days before next use.
  • Practical apparatus will be sanitised during and after every course.
  • Practical areas set out with defined walkways and 2 metre distance markers

Modification of Training Exercises

Training exercises have been modified to eliminate the need for close personal contact:

  • First aid – close contact exercises with people and CPR dummies have been removed.
  • Two person rescues on wind and Tower climbing courses have been modified to use dummies.
  • Practical exercise equipment will be allocated individually and sanitised after use.

Action in the Case of Suspected Symptom in a Candidate

Candidates who experience a new continuous cough or high temperature will be asked to withdraw from the course and advised to go home and follow published staying at home guidance.

If any follow up action is required this will be taken in accordance with advice from health agencies.

Any person who has become unwell should follow current government guidance.

Any case of suspected symptoms in a candidate will be reported immediately to senior management. 

Cancellations Due to Illness

Our published Booking Terms & Conditions remain unchanged and are visible on our website.

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