New EGO Multi-functional Rope Descender

Ego rope access descender

The EGO rope access descender offers advanced technology to meet the demands of the rope access industry.

Its sleek design is complemented by a host of features and is multi-functional for ease of application.

Simple – all components are accessible for cleaning and inspection

Reliable – intuitive progressive secondary brake

Tough – designed for aggressive environments e.g. offshore blasting, geotechnical work

High load rated – 200 kg fully independent rescue device, no extra components needed for rescue.

The EGO can be used in ascent, descent, hauling and rescue.

The handle remains locked in the safe position for all functions other than descent. Reducing the need to manipulate the device for functions such as ascent and changeovers.

Choice of tail rope positions for different uses:

  • In line (over stainless braking surface) reduces rope twist on long descents and increasing device longevity on dirty ropes.
  • Or over front plate, similar to other devices.

The progressive cam design gives precise control for a safe and more predictable descent.

Its 200 kg load rating allows for 2 person rescue without the addition of any equipment for extra friction.

The simple mechanism is quickly accessed by removal of the cover. The mechanism cover is fully accessible to allow for inspection, cleaning and servicing therefore prolonging the usable life of the device.

The EGO has a number of inherent safety features including backward threading protection which ensures the device is used in the correct orientation, an anti-panic progressive brake which slows to stop if the handle is pulled too hard in descent and has a built-in wear indicator which shows when the device should be retired.


  • Rope: 10.5-11 mm
  • Weight: 0.55 kg
  • Materials: Aluminium, steel
  • Conformity: EN 12841 (C)
  • Max Rated Load: 200kg

Patent pending.

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