Emergency Planning & Prep

Wind Turbine Incidents

heightec recently held a number of technical events at their Height Safety Centres in Kendal and London.

These events, aimed at the onshore and offshore wind turbine industry, fire service rope rescue and Ambulance HART, provided a platform for discussions on technical rescue and access issues associated with incidents in wind turbines.

The events focused on “Best Practice for Access and Rescue within Wind Turbine Generators” and “Forward Development of Emergency Plans” with a range of practical demonstrations delivered on access and rescue techniques, evacuation and emergency planning.

heightec, in collaboration with fire and ambulance services, has undertaken a number of onsite multi-agency emergency exercises for wind turbine clients. The objective was to test the deployment of rescue plans, which subsequently led to recommendations for improvements in planning and the installation of new equipment.

These exercises provided multiple benefits in enabling all parties to participate in potential real rescue scenarios, raising awareness of the requirements of all agencies concerned and in turn provided the platform for the technical event presentations.

“Good to hear from trainers who have a regular contact with the wind industry”. Leicestershire Fire & Rescue

“To see the equipment in action was really helpful”.
Yorkshire AmbHART

“Emergency Planning an important topic”

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