GWO WINDA Registrations

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) register training participants via their Training Records Database – WINDA.

WINDA is designed to provide assurance and confidence in the status and validity of approved Training Providers and the training status of individuals.

Participants who wish to be registered by GWO following training are required to register as Participants on the WINDA database. After registration, Delegates will receive a WINDA ID. GWO strongly recommends participants use a personal email address in order to maintain full control over their training records throughout their career in the wind industry.

NOTE: GWO advise – if participants use their work email address and lose access to the email account used to create their WINDA ID, it will not be possible for them to retrieve their WINDA ID or password and training records may be lost.

WINDA operates three user profiles:

  • Training Providers must upload records of participants
  • Employers can look up and verify the training status of participants
  • Delegates can access personal verified information on the status and validity of their completed training – proving their training validity to current and future employers.

The main benefits of WINDA include:

  • Virtually eliminate the risk of fraud from non-certified Training Providers
  • Increase trust in competence records and validity of Training Provider’s certification status
  • Reduced compliance costs by avoiding repeated employee/contractor verification checks

All GWO certified Training Providers will be required to upload records of training into WINDA this can only be achieved if a WINDA ID is provided by the participants.

WINDA is now the primary means of verifying the training status of Delegates for GWO courses.

Certificates issued prior to 17th October 2016 will still be valid proof of training until the date of expiry.

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