New Alloy Devices for Lifting & Lowering

Lifting & Lowering

New versions of our HURRICANE and CYCLONE lifting & lowering devices will shortly be available.

Constructed of lightweight alloy and incorporating our trademark X-Cam design, these devices offer simple solutions for a range of lifting & lowering tasks.

HURRICANE – alloy rope clamp with pulley
Intuitive compact device allows quick and easy creation of a hauling system at any point along the rope. The lifting system can therefore be remote from the casualty reducing the amount of rope required by around 70%.

The pulley position can be reset using the karabiner connection point near the cam.


  • Lightweight, simple to use design
  • Self locking pulley catch with simplified operation
  • Can easily be attached to a loaded rope
  • Small tether ring to secure the device and prevent dropping
  • High performance X-Cam™
  • Rating (normal use) 3kN
  • Rope: 10.5 – 11mm


The HURRICANE is also available in stainless steel, as part of our advanced lifting systems or RESCUEPACK™ Pro and RESCUEPACK ready-to-rescue system.

The alloy HURRICANE is due for release in April.

CYCLONE –  alloy locking pulley
Specifically designed to aid hauling of various equipment and materials.


  • Specialist locking pulley
  • Simple clean design for ease of rigging
  • Low friction pulley wheel
  • High performance X-Cam™
  • Rating (normal use) 100kg working load
  • Rope: 10.5 – 11mm

NB: Not certified for lifting persons.

The CYCLONE is available in stainless or as part of our  Basic Lifting kit. The alloy CYCLONE is due release in March.

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