New EGO Rope Access Descender coming soon

latest descender innovation for rope access

New rope access descender from heightec.

EGO Rope access descender

The new advanced EGO rope access descender device from heightec is designed for the rope access industry.

The EGO incorporates a number of safety features:

Threading protection – The EGO however has been designed to address any potential mis-threading, no matter how the descender is orientated.

Rope conditions – The EGO, it operates on a range of rope conditions whether working in dirty environments or on old rope. The EGO can also be used on slopes or over edges thanks to its progressive second brake.

Controlled rescue – The 200kg high load rating is significantly greater than other designs, allowing for a 2 person rescue without the need for extra friction, resulting in a quicker safer rescue.

Safer changeovers – The handle design enables it to be kept safely locked and out of the way when carrying out changeovers in ascent.

Durability – The EGO is quick and easy to inspect, service and clean. If necessary, the mechanism can even be accessed for inspection and cleaning, prolonging the usable life of the device.

The EGO:

  • Simple to use, robust and compact
  • Easy to thread, inspect and clean
  • Fine control with high loads
  • Progressive second brake
  • Reduces twists in ropes
  • Rope: 10.5 – 11mm

Patent pending.

The EGO rope access descender is due for release in June.  Subscribe to our Industry Update for news of its release.

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