PFP – Some ‘Top Tips’

Gravity is no respecter of persons; all too often, a failure or shortcoming results in death or serious injury.

Experience shows that falls from height usually occur as a result of poor management control, rather than because of equipment failure. Common factors include:

• Failure to recognise a problem;
• Failure to provide a safe system of work;
• Failure to ensure that a safe system of work is followed;
• Inadequate information, instruction, training or supervision provided;
• Failure to use appropriate equipment; and
• Failure to provide safe plant and/or equipment.

The use of personal equipment for protection against falls should be a ‘last resort’ and is low in the hierarchy of protective measures (sometimes referred to as the ‘fall protection hierarchy’). Frequently, the hazard of working at height can not be eliminated, e.g. designed out ‘at source’, or the work undertaken in a different manner, e.g. by a method that is higher in the hierarchy; work should be carried out at the highest possible level…

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