Preventing Dropped Objects

ToolTec Tool Tethers - preventing dropped objects

Dropped objects are a major hazard and a potential risk to anyone who works at height. Employers are required by law (The Work at Height Regulations) to take preventative measures by keeping workplaces at height clear of loose materials or objects, so far as reasonably practical.

There are two recognised types of falling objects:

Static – objects that fall from its position under its own weight; and

Dynamic – objects that fall due to force applied by a person/equipment/machinery.

Managing the risk of falling objects using a hierarchy of controls is explained in our recent FAQ: Falling Object Protection which is available in our Frequently Asked Questions area.

To help you control this issue heightec have released a new range of ToolTec™ load tested and certified lanyards tool tethers and accessories. The tool tethers retract by approximately 50%, when not under load to reduce the risk of tangling. Securing tools safely to the worker, preventing dropped objects from falling below, allows for work to be carried out on multiple levels safely.

Please visit our ToolTec™ page for more details.

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