Rope Access Back-Up Device – The Quantum

The development of an industrial rope access back-up device

In July this year we released an industry White Paper related to the historical development of industrial rope access back-up devices.

As we know, back-up devices offer considerable design challenges for manufacturers and the use of these products has been the subject of strong debate within the rope access industry for many years. heightec has followed the development of these issues whilst researching, testing and developing our own solution to the complex requirements of a versatile back-up device.

This second paper describes the background and technical challenges involved in designing our new backup device, the Quantum, which is intended to work on all types and condition of rope, with loads up to 200 kg.

The Quantum is an exceptional engineered solution achieved through extensive research, continuous development and rigorous testing. It controls slippage with no rope damage, works on new or used rope, is suitable for two-person rescue and cannot be dropped. Not only is it a step forwards in simplicity, strength, durability and performance, but it is a significant advancement in safety for users.

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We hope you find this paper of interest read and welcome any feedback or comments.

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