New TORRENT Edge Pad & DURA Fabric Rope Protector

The TORRENT edge pad and DURA fabric rope protector are the latest additions to heightec’s innovative rope protection range.

TORRENT – Heavy duty edge pad – Triple-layer construction.

Outer layers resist rope friction. Inner fibre layers resist abrasion.

Can be fastened together using cord or karabiner to captivate rope whilst allowing visibility. Fitted with two attachment cords for securing to the structure.


DURA – Multi-layered wrap around rope protector for abrasive edges

Outer canvas layers resist rope friction. Inner Aramid layer increases abrasion resistance. Aramid layer can be viewed via the inspection eyelet.

Attachment cord for easy connection to rope or structure.

NB: Not for use as protection against sharp edges.


Our new Edge Protection Application Guide highlights appropriate and safe use of edge and mid-rope protectors.

The full range of rope protection can be viewed online.

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