X-Cam Technology

X-Cam™ Technology is an advanced, high performance design featured in all heightec rope access ascenders as well as the CYCLONE and HURRICANE hauling pulleys.

Our unique cam design is a considerable improvement on traditional sharp toothed cams.

High strength toothed cam has a tensile strength around 50% greater than competitor models.

Advanced features of X-Cam Technology:

  • High strength durable construction
  • Highly effective on angled ropes
  • Does not jam, even against a knot
  • Exceptional grip but won’t pluck the rope
  • Perfect for down climbing and rope manoeuvres
  • Release catch allows single handed operation

heightec rope devices feature X-Cam Technology:

SYNC – the first ever fully integrated chest ascender. Features all the advantages of an integrated ascender but with the flexibility of being removable when required.

TWIST – chest ascender. Can be integrated into a full body harness or used to link chest and sit harness.

COMPACT – basic ascender. Ideal spare ascender for use in hauling and rescue systems.

PULSAR – handled ascender. Features an ergonomic handle position and profile. Left handed version also available.

CYCLONE – heavy duty hauling pulley. Locking cam pulley specifically designed for technicians to aid hauling of equipment and materials.

HURRICANE – casualty recovery hauling device. Allows pulley system to be created at any point along a kernmantel rope.

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