Sling Dyneema

Short dyneema sling, ideal for device or anchor point attachment/extensions.

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S12D017 Dynema 1000x1000

Round loop sling dyneema 12 mm width, can be used end to end or wrapped around as a strop.

Allows connection to an anchor point that may be too large to connect directly to.

Sewn nylon sling can also be used to extend an anchor point to a more suitable location.

Individual ID number for identification and tracking.

Available in 17 cm length.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: UK

Made in Britain Horizontal logo - Colour


  • Can be used end to end or wrapped around as a strop
  • Individually marked for traceability
  • Strength rating: 23kN


Sizing: 17cm
Material: Nylon
EN Mass Test: 23kN
Loading: 165kg
Weight: 0.011 kg
Conformity: CE EN 566