Heavy Duty Lifting Bag With Tool Attachments, 30L

25kg WLL Lifting Bag with reinforced barrel inner.

Durable, heavy-duty lifting bag with high safe working load.

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BL30 30L Heavy Duty Lifting Bag with tool attachments

This heavy duty lifting bag has a 3 point lift for stability and easy access to contents while it is suspended.

Contains durable PVC fabric with internal webbing, a draw cord closure and drain holes as well as brass eyelets for corrosion resistance.

3 attachment points for tool tethers, located on lifting straps.

The bag features a solid plastic ‘tub’ inner which helps protect sharp objects and increases the durability of the bag.

It is marked with WLL and unique ID number for control as lifting equipment.

Factor of safety 7:1

View heightec’s full range of durable bags. The new range includes the new 30l versatile equipment bag (B30) with shoulder straps and roll top closure. The new style, stronger seams have been welded for enhanced strength and the reinforced cylindrical base offers exceptional durability.


  • 3 point lift
  • 3 tool attachment points
  • Drain holes
  • Drawcord closure
  • Rated for lifting up to 25 kg
  • Marked with WLL & unique ID number for control as lifting equipment
  • Factor of safety 7:1
Heavy-duty construction with solid plastic liner:
  • helps protect the contents from sharp objects
  • spreads point loads
  • increases durability


Sizing: 30L
Material: PVC Fabric
EN Mass Test: Non PPE
Loading: 25 kg WLL
Weight: 0.6 kg
Conformity: Non PPE