Branded DUON Helmet Stickers

Available in clear and reflective sticker format, enabling easy and quick identification of persons working on site.

*Please call for details, quote and lead times.

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Not for sale individually.

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Branded DUON helmet stickers
Full range of bespoke branded sticker options are available, please call for details, quote and lead times.
Bespoke branded stickers could include information such as: company name, logo or a phrase e.g. Rescue, Team Leader or  Paramedic.

MH91 – Clear Branded Stickers – DUON (1-2 panels)
Set of all 6 panels which provide a base layer to allow the user to write on or apply other stickers to the helmet.

MH92 – Reflective branded Stickers – DUON (1-2 panels)
Set of all 6 panels in plain sliver reflective finish to aid visibility.

Sticker wording could be logo or phrase e.g. rescue, Team Leader or Paramedic.

*Artwork fee will apply for branded stickers.

**NB: DUON Helmet not included in purchase.

DUON Helmet Orange rear detail


Sizing: Label dimensions - Design 1: w148.5mm x h37.5mm / Design 2: w86mm x h30.5mm / Design 3: w90.5mm x h25.5mm
Conformity: Clear & reflective helmet stickers adhere to DUON & DUON-Air safety helmets