Krab, double action captive

Forged double action connector with captive eye

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Alloy Karabiner

Alloy karabiner for application where correct orientation of connector is important i.e. connection of a lifeline or evacuation line to a person.

Forged alloy provides high strength for size.

Gate open strength 12 kN
Side ways loading 12 kN
Major access strength 33 kN

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Commodity Code: 7616999099

Country of Origin: Italy


  • Double action safety
  • Single handed operation
  • Automatic locking


Sizing: L 140mm, W 72mm
Material: Forged alloy
Loading: Major axis 33kN, Minor axis 12kN, Major axis - gate open 12kN
Weight: 0.121 kg
Conformity: EN362:2004 A/T