PRISM Descender

High specification multi-function rope access descender.

Variable friction and high capacity rope access descender for abseiling, ascending, lowering, hauling and rescue.

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Multi functional PRISM descender specifically designed for rope access. High capacity rope descender can be used for abseiling, ascending, lowering, hauling and rescue.

Multiple threading configurations provide different levels of friction. User can switch from one configuration to the other while device is loaded:

Normal Friction – will brake if the handle is released or if it is squeezed fully. PRISM does not require additional friction from a second karabiner to hold higher loads.

Reduced Friction – used for: ascending, paying rope in and out, or under partial load, such as when moving across a horizontal surface towards an edge prior to abseiling.

Meets selection criteria of IRATA International Code of Practice, March 2013,

heightec PRISM descender features in the Rope Access Work Kit. This ready to use work kit also features the DUON-Air technical safety helmet, and the AXON Full Body Harness – Quick Connect. This rope access kit has been enhanced to include a new triple action karabiner to replace the screwgate for use with the PRISM descender. The triple action krab is more secure and reduces the risk of accidentally unlocking the gate.

The PRISM provides a hands free locking function and can be changed from lift to lower whilst under load. It is a core component in the Advanced Lifting and Lowering Kit.

Rope diameter: 10.5mm – 11.5mm

Patented GB 2 367 048

D31 Prism open detail


  • High 200kg load rating, suitable for rescue
  • Double-braking mechanism
  • Patented variable friction design removes need for secondary karabiner
  • Robust, high strength aluminium with stainless steel friction surfaces
  • Can switch between configurations under load
  • All parts visible for easy inspection and maintenance


Sizing: Rope diameter 10.5mm - 11.5mm
Material: Aluminium and stainless steel
EN Mass Test: 200 kg
Loading: 200 kg
Weight: 0.49 kg
Conformity: EN12841:2006 type C, EN341:1992 Class B