DURA heavy duty Aramid & fabric rope protector

Multi-layered wrap around rope protector for abrasive edges.

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MR80 Dura heavy duty fabric rope protector

DURA heavy-duty fabric rope protector designed for abrasive edges.

Outer canvas layers resist rope friction, the inner Aramid layer increases abrasion resistance. Condition of inner Aramid layer can be viewed via the inspection eye.

The DURA heavy-duty fabric rope protector also features attachment cord for connection to rope or structure. Second eyelet provides additional securing point if required.

NB: Not to be used for protection against sharp edges.

heightec’s range of rope protection suitable for the rope access industry include:

  • Lightweight GRATEMATE (MR63). Glass reinforced nylon (GRN) rope protector for metal or composite grating walkways.
  • SENTINEL Chainmail Rope Protector (MR705). Chainmail wrap around mid rope protector for extreme cut and corrosion resistance.
  • SENTINEL PVC Cover (MR705P). Offers additional protection when used against painted or high gloss surfaces.
  • CASCADE Edge Protector (MR75). Edge protector for multiple ropes. Rounded edge reduces friction when hauling/lowering.
  • TORRENT Edge Pad (MR85). Multi layered edge pad. Inner padded layer protects against abrasion and smooths rough edges e.g. stone or concrete.
  • MANTLE (MRP05/MRP10). Canvas rope protector suitable for abrasive blunt edges.

heightec also have a wide selection of TECTRA™ rope for work at height and rescue – visit Rope for more details.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: UK

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  • Heavy duty, triple layer construction
  • Includes attachment cord
  • Velcro closure


Sizing: 50cm x 20cm
Material: Canvas and aramid
EN Mass Test: N/A
Loading: N/A
Weight: 0.169 kg
Conformity: Non PPE