ECLIPSE – Rope Access Sit Harness with Side D’s

Technical harness for specialist height access applications.

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The ECLIPSE rope access and work positioning sit harness is specially designed for the rope access industry.

This technical rope access sit harness has a large front central ring allowing for easy attachment of descenders, lanyards and cows tails, this reduces bulk at front of harness. This rope access sit harness is also suitable for rescue loads.

The enhanced lumbar support gives a high degree of comfort for the wearer.

Padded leg loops improves comfort and reduces fatigue.

The side D-Rings  on this harness allow for effective work positioning and fold away discreetly.

Elastic keepers stow webbing tails away from hazards keeping users safe.

Reinforced PVC tube gear loops improve the strength of the harness and are lightweight, durable and accessible with 20kg SWL.

ID labels have extended life and are not prone to snagging.

Combining the ECLIPSE sit harness and the OCTO chest harness a full body harness can be created for all users for specialist for work at height.

The combination of ECLIPSE sit harness & the following components creates a ready to use Rope Access work kit:

ECLIPSE sit harness (H02)
OCTO chest harness (H51)
DUON-Air technical safety helmet (MH02O)
PRISM descender (D31)
QUANTUM back-up device (D26)
TWIST chest ascender (D42)
PULSAR Ascender – right (D40) and left handed (D40L) ascenders are available
Personal lanyards (cows tails)
Durable, weather resistant PVC kit bag


Rope Access RA


  • Large alloy front ring
  • Large padded lumbar support
  • Padded leg loops
  • Folding side D-Rings
  • Elasticated webbing keepers
  • Gear loops reinforced with PVC tube


Sizing: Standard
Material: Polyamide, Mild Steel & Aluminium
EN Mass Test: 125kg
Loading: Fall Arrest & Rescue Loads
Weight: 1.22 kg
Conformity: EN813:1997, EN358:1999