CIRRUS – WTG Harness

Multi-function harness for all work activities in the renewables sector

Light yet supportive harness suitable for climbing, fall arrest and work positioning. Optional waist belt available.

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Full body wind turbine harness designed for the wind industry.

Front attachment point on CIRRUS Wind Turbine Harness is suitable for fall arrest and vertical systems.

Rear attachment point is designed and positioned at nape of neck to eliminate discomfort when climbing WTG interior ladders. This ensures more vertical orientation of casualty when being lowered during rescue and minimises interference with ladder rungs.

Quick connect leg loops and full adjustability provide easy and comfortable fit. New shoulder buckles allow quick and easy adjustment with one hand.

Adjustable harness structure of the CIRRUS Wind Turbine Harness ensures good fit with maximum comfort and security.

Unique stainless steel chest plates orientate the webbing for optimal comfort.

Breathable rear panel provides support and protection while climbing.

Harness and belt together comply with Siemens PPE requirements PRO-13838 Ap1

Sizes available:

  • H33 CIRRUS standard – Torso 95 – 125 cm. Thigh 65 – 105 cm.
  • H33L CIRRUS large – Torso 95 – 145 cm. Thigh 65 – 125 cm.
  • H33Q CIRRUS quick connect – Torso 95 – 125 cm. Thigh 65 – 105 cm.
  • H33QL CIRRUS quick connect large – Torso 95 – 145 cm. Thigh 65 – 125 cm.

Also available:

CIRRUS – WTG Harness (H33)
CIRRUS – WTG Harness, Large (H33L)
CIRRUS – Quick Connect WTG Harness (H33Q)
CIRRUS – Quick Connect WTG Harness, Large (H33QL)

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Optional CIRRUS Work Positioning Belt (H00) can be fitted quickly and easily as required. Fits securely through the harness belt loops. Key features include the 2 side D-rings and the 2 protected rear gear loops.

heightec’s WTG Climber’s Pro Safety Kit (WK16). Designed for offshore and onshore wind, the kit includes the VORTEX, ELITE fall arrest lanyard, PIRANHA work positioning belt and the DUON helmet.

Wind turbine being repaired


  • Front attachment point
  • Rear attachment / rescue point
  • Quick connect leg loops
  • Fully adjustable
  • NEW easy adjust shoulder buckles
  • Low profile breathable rear panel
  • Optional work positioning belt