HEXAN 6 to 1 pulley rescue system with integral locking

Delivers large mechanical advantage to de-weight a casualty from their suspension system.

6:1 mechanical advantage with integrated cleat to immediately secure the load.

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6 to 1 pulley

6 to 1 mechanical advantage with low-friction pulley bearings and ball bearing cam cleats for easy of lifting and securing of a casualty.

Constructed from 8m of 5mm pre-stretched polyester, this load assist casualty rescue pulley system provides just over a meter of working length, to allow a casualty to be disconnected from their fall arrest system to facilitate rescue.

Max Working load (6 to 1): 150kg, (4 to 1): 202kg.



  • Ball bearing, triple sheave pulleys to minimise friction
  • Locking cleat
  • 5mm polyester cord
  • max. operating length of 2m
  • Supplied in storage bag


Sizing: 1.2m
Material: Polyester, stainless steel, nylon
Loading: Rated Working load (6:1) - 150kg
Weight: 0.63 kg
Conformity: EN13157 (machinery directive), EN362