ELITE twin lanyard – 1.25m – delta, scaff hook

Energy absorbing suspension relief fall arrest twin lanyard with scaffold hooks.

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ELITE Twin lanyard 1.25m

High specification twin lanyard 1.25m with integral suspension intolerance relief footloop.

Allows continuous connection to a ladder or structure when climbing masts and towers. With delta and scaffold hook terminations.

The heightec ELITE twin lanyard is a premium product offering advanced safety features.

Specially compact energy absorbing element has high strength stainless steel connecting ring. The twin lanyard arms are made from patented high twist HELIX™ rope, a new design which virtually eliminates the kinking which occurs with normal kernmantel rope versions.

This ELITE twin lanyard has impressive technical specifications: the back-up webbing and stitching exceed the tensile strength requirements of European standard EN 355 by 50%.

All heightec’s energy absorbing fall arrest lanyards have been additionally tested with 125kg, 25% above the EN standard requirement.

The stainless connecting ring will allow it to withstand a substantial fall even in cases of extreme misuse, such as when the energy absorbing element is bypassed (see the news section of this site for important further information on this).

High strength, 22 kN scaffold hook connectors. Every lanyard is individually numbered.

Packed complete with 10 mm screwlink for secure attachment to harness. heightec do not recommend attaching lanyards to harnesses with standard oval or offset D karabiners.

Will not deploy at force less than 200 kg. Minimum strength 1500 kg after deployment.


  • Patented high twist HELIX™ rope
  • Reduced kinking in lanyard legs
  • Built-in suspension intollerance relief footloop
  • Large central ring
  • Unique serial ID number


Sizing: 1.25m
Material: Polyamide, steel, aluminium
EN Mass Test: 100kg
Loading: Additionally tested 140kg Fall factor 1, 125kg fall factor 2
Weight: 1.8 kg
Conformity: EN 354, EN 355, EN 362