TWISTER load controller

For safe, controlled lifting and lowering of small loads.

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The TWISTER load controller device with locking cam is used for controlled lifting and lowering.

Lightweight and compact it can be used to provide extra security in any situation when loads are traditionally hauled and lowered by hand where no locking system exists.

Can be used in compound pulley systems to increase mechanical advantage.

  • Allows the controlled hauling with minimal friction
  • Provides friction for controlled lowering
  • Locks if released when lifting or lowering

The TWISTER load controller can be used for:

  • Raising loads
  • Lowering loads
  • Positioning loads
  • Backing up ‘endless loop’ hand hauling system

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D71 Twister Lifting Device open


  • Aluminium alloy side plates
  • 10kg SWL
  • Fits 10.5 - 12mm ropes


Sizing: 10.5 - 12 mm rope
Material: Aluminium and stainless steel
Loading: 10 kg
Weight: 0.3 kg
Conformity: 2006/42/EC