Twin Stainless Steel Pulley 5cm

Stainless steel, twin sheave, rescue pulley with lower attachment point.

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Twin Stainless Steel Pulley includes a nylon pulley wheel for corrosion resistance and reduced spark hazard.

The pulley’s wide opening swivelling plates offer easy attachment to rope.

Room for multiple connectors in large attachment point.

The twin Stainless Steel Pulley contains lower attachment point (becket) is rated at 20 kN.

Features self lubricating bearing.

The pulley’s large diameter sheave increases mechanical efficiency.

View heightec’s full range of pulleys including the TORNADO lifting and lowering device for controlled lifting and lowering, CYCLONE heavy duty locking pulley for hauling with a locking cam and HURRICANE rope grab with pulley – casualty recovery hauling device.


  • Room for multiple connectors in large attachment point
  • Self lubricating bearing.


Sizing: Rope 13mm diameter or smaller.
Material: Stainless steel, nylon
EN Mass Test: 30 kN
Loading: 3 kN
Weight: 0.45 kg
Conformity: EN12278