OHL – Overhead Lines Rescue System – 75m

Multi use rescue and recovery kit.

For raising, lowering or descending with a casualty.

Lead times will be advised at time of order.

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Overhead Lines Rescue System

Overhead Lines rescue system allows evacuation descent, remote rescue by lowering or raising and snatch rescue.

Designed and tested for a two person load.
Packed and assembled ready for use.

Remote rescue:
Can recover a suspended person from almost any fall protection system by lowering and lifting.

POWERLOCK descender can pay rope out but lock when a load is applied. Hook can attach to D ring or harness shoulder strap if needed. Hauling device gives 3:1 mechanical advantage for lifting. System can change from raise to lower and vice versa whilst the casualty is suspended.

• Does not require the rescuer to be part of the system
• Able to raise a casualty over an edge or hand rail
• Requires only one quarter of the rope used by competing designs.
• Telescopic pole can reach to the length of 3.3m

Descent and snatch rescue:
POWERLOCK descender CE approved with 200kg has also passed EN12841C dynamic (drop) test with 275kg. Can also be used as a lowering device. Locks if the handle is released or pulled too hard, preventing uncontrolled descent. The rope can be removed and re-threaded for multiple or repeat lowering operations.

Pre rigged pick off sling including safety shears. Shears can easily cut a loaded rope or lanyard but help prevent injuries to the user and are attached via cord to prevent them being dropped.

Core components:

  • POWERLOCK descender
  • Locking extendable rescue pole which allows immediate connection to a person hanging suspended after a fall.
  • HURRICANE pulley hauling device – provides mechanical advantage to raise a load or deviate a rope
  • Snatch Rescue attachment with shears
  • Pully with sling
  • Reach pole and hook
  • Rope: 75m
  • Anchor strop
  • Kit bag


  • POWERLOCK™ has two person load capability
  • HURRICANE pulley creates a simple 3:1 hauling system at any point along the rope
  • Telescopic pole extends 3.5m to reach a casualty on an extended energy absorbing lanyard
  • Rescue shears allow disconnection of casualty's line without a needs for de-weighting


Material: Various
Weight: 62.5 kg
Conformity: Various EN Approvals