Self-tailing rescue winch

Self tailing rope winch for use with heightec Quadpod or Tripod

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The self-tailing rescue winch contains a removable handle, Bi-directional (will wind in, in both directions), sprung self tailing cleat and an extra attachment connector point for the attachment of a backup device if required.

Remove handle for better access when loading/unloading rope. By winding in both directions the winch can be used in tight spaces or obscured access. Winding different directions gives 2 different speeds, fast for raising and slow for greater control when passing obstacles. Sprung cleat plates give greater grip and control of the rope. Will be compatible with other systems of work. Can be attached at any point on a rope.

Should always be used with a backup device or separate backup system.

Mounting bracket compatible with heightec Quadpod portable anchor


Material: Steel gearing and mounting plate, aluminium rope drum with plastic cleat and housing
Loading: Maximum recommended load 200kg
Weight: 6.9 kg
Conformity: WLL 200 kg