Rescue Reach Pole with bracket

Available in RescuePack and ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue Systems

Locking extendable rescue pole which enables a rescue system to be attached to a person hanging suspended after a fall. The telescopic pole is a core component of heightec rescue kits:

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Not for sale individually.

MSRM Rescue Reach Pole

Locking extendable rescue reach pole with large attachment hook with unique safety feature. The hook feature makes it easy to attach to the casualty – essential in cases of suspected suspension intolerance when speed is vital.

Not for sale individually. The rescue reach pole is a core component of heightec’s rescue systems:

  • RescuePack – for recovery of a suspended person by lifting/lowering.
  • ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System – for recovery from a tower crane cab, jib or ladder by lifting or lowering. Features ROTOR rescue and evacuation descender.

High strength, heavy duty design is rigid when fully extended, with sturdy locking mechanism and unique quick release bracket.

This method of casualty attachment does not rely on being able to clip a specific attachment ring on the casualty – which may be difficult if an energy absorber has extended to its full amount.


Very widely used in fire and rescue service. Selected for issue to all official UK Urban Search and Rescue Teams.

The rescue reach pole extends to length 3.5m.

Use with heightec CH01AM alloy scaffold hook modified for rescue. The modified gate reduces the chance of cross loading the gate when used with the reach pole for rescuing a casualty.

Commodity Code: 7326909890

Country of Origin: UK

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  • Extends to length 3.5m
  • Non conductive
  • High strength construction
  • Lockable


Sizing: Maximum length 3.5m
Material: High strength material with sturdy locking mechanism
Loading: N/A
Weight: 1.65 kg
Conformity: Non PPE