ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System

A self contained rescue system for recovery of a fallen person or casualty from a tower crane cab, jib or ladder by lifting or lowering.

ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System has been configured specifically for the construction industry but adaptable for many others.

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The ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System is designed to rescue a fallen person or casualty at high elevation.

It enables the recovery of a casualty, who is unable to help themselves, from a tower crane cab, jib or ladder by lifting or lowering.

At the core of the evacuation system is the ROTOR rescue and evacuation descender, an intuitive device which allows self-evacuation automatically limited maximum descent speed or controlled lowering or raising of a casualty. The ROTOR can control rope speed in either direction, meaning that repeated descents can be carried out in quick succession.

High rated load with long descent distance:

Load           Max. descent distance           Descent speed
140 kg                4500 m                                   0.7 m/s
200 kg                500 m                                     1.0 m/s
250 kg                220 m                                     1.7 m/s

The ROTOR can also lift in either direction using the ratchet handle supplied. This enables multiple evacuees to use alternate rope ends. With the locking mechanism engaged the load is held if the handle is released.

The ROTOR can change from lift to lower (and vice versa) at any point whilst under load.

The compact ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System comes complete with a durable 50L KARI transport bag (WLL 18 kg).

Complies with requirements of Construction Plant Association.

Although designed for construction it can be applied to industries such as warehouse and distribution with high bay access and very narrow aisles.

System core components:

  • ROTOR – constant rate descender with lifting capability.
  • DELTA – Ultra compact casualty harness, universally sized. Lightweight and easy to fit to an injured or incapacitated casualty.
  • RescuePole – Locking extendable telescopic rescue reach pole extends for 3.5 m. Allows immediate connection to a person who may have become suspended on their lanyards after a fall.
  • Steel Pulley – stainless steel pulley provides mechanical advantage to raise a load or deviate a rope.
  • Protected slings – can be used to wrap around a suitable anchor point. The high visibility sleeve adds protection, but can be pulled back to allow for inspection.
  • 50L KARI bag – durable 18kg WLL rated storage and transport bag
  • Throwline – supplied in KARI 5, 5L kit bag for attachment to harness or belt.

Available lengths: 50 m or 100 m.

Patented GB 2 515 341

Commodity Code: N/A

Country of Origin: UK

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Tower Crane Rescue


  • High load rating
  • Unique integral load indicator
  • Low profile body design
  • No external moving parts
  • Lowering and lifting capability
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Completely intuitive
  • Includes tagline for guiding casualty to a safe landing point
  • Compact casualty harness, one size fits all