Sewn Nylon Sling, 25mm

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Sewn Nylon Sling

Nylon sling an be used end to end or wrapped around as a strop. Round loop of 25 mm width webbing.

Allows connection to an anchor point that may be too large to connect directly to.

Can also be used to extend an anchor point to a more suitable location.

Individual ID number for identification and tracking.

Length options: 30cm, 60cm, 80cm, 120cm and 240cm.

Nylon slings are also available with high viz protective sleeve offering extra abrasion resistance and high visibility.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: UK


Versatile sewn nylon sling:
  • Can be used end to end or wrapped around as a strop
  • Individually marked for traceability


Sizing: 25mm
Material: Nylon
EN Mass Test: 25kN
Weight: 0.126 kg
Conformity: EN354, EN566, EN795(B)