TECTRA 12mm Low Stretch Winch Rope

High quality kernmantel rope for rigging and capstan winch operations.

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Winch Rope

Tectra™ is a new generation of low stretch kernmantel rope. The tightly woven polyester sheath protects the core from UV light, cutting, dirt and abrasion.

Tectra winch rope is specially designed for use in a wide range of situations and with modern rope devices.

Approved to the machinery directive.

Minimum breaking strength 35kN.

NB: Price is per metre and only available in 50m increments. Rope is not supplied with terminations.

View heightec’s full range of rope for work at height and rescue. heightec also manufacture rope protectors to safeguard ropes against abrasion.

heightec’s TECTRA™ ropes are specially designed for use in modern rope devices and can be effectively protected by heightec’s range of rope protectors.

Commodity Code: 5607501190

Country of Origin: UK


heightec RS120P rope


Tectra™ ropes have the following characteristics:
  • Top quality polyester  fibre with UV stabilisation treatment in full cross section of the yarn
  • Thermostabilisation of yarn at different stages of production
  • Special treatment for better handling and improved characteristics when wet
  • High strength, with good resistance to repeated falls
  • Special termination process on spool ends to give perfect end seal


Sizing: 12mm
Material: Polyester
Loading: 300 kg
Weight: 0.103 kg
Conformity: 2006/42/EC