MATRIX – Rope Access/Rigging Harness, Quick Connect

Fast connect rope access harness with ergonomically designed shoulder, waist and leg pads for greater user comfort.

Developed for rope access and suitable for all other work at height.

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The MATRIX rope access harness can be used for rope access and rigging, it has ergonomically designed shoulder, waist and leg pads for greater comfort.

This full body harness has adjustable and releasable shoulder straps which are padded to ensure a good secure fit, combing maximum comfort and security.

The large front (chest) ring allows easy attachment of descenders, lanyards and cows tails, reducing the bulk at the front of harness.

Front ring configuration also allows harness loads to be distributed differently depending whether the user is suspended or not.

This MATRIX full body QC harness is quick and easy to fit with quick connect legs and alloy karabiner. The hook free gate prevents snagging and reduces potential webbing damage. Captive bar ensures correct orientation in use.

The harness has an integral delta screwlink that simplifies attachment and allows use of chest rope access ascenders, however the screwlink can be removed if not required.

Harness quick connect adjuster buckle allows easy modifications to the harness for individual use and employs a positive locking system.

  • Side D-Rings allow for effective work positioning and fold away discreetly.
  • Elastic keepers stow webbing tails away from hazards keeping users safe.
  • Reinforced PVC tube gear loops improve the strength of the harness and are lightweight, durable and accessible.
  • Harness ID labels positioned to give extended life and reduced risk of snagging.

Harness measurements:

Torso – 95 – 120 cm
Waist – 70 – 140 cm
Thigh – 60 – 80 cm

Large Harness measurements:

Torso – 100 – 135 cm
Waist – 80 – 165 cm
Thigh – 60 – 100 cm

Also available:

MATRIX Rope Access harness with fixed buckle leg loops – standard (H21), large (H21L).

H21DQ Matrix Harness Back Detail


  • Adjustable and releasable padded shoulder straps
  • Large front ring
  • Integral delta screwlink for chest ascender
  • Folding side D-rings
  • Elasticated webbing keepers
  • Gear loops reinforced with PVC tubes
  • Front (chest) and rear fall arrest attachment points


Sizing: Universal
Material: Polyamide, mild steel and aluminium.
EN Mass Test: 140kg
Loading: Fall Arrest & Rescue Loads
Weight: 2.05 kg
Conformity: EN358, EN361, EN813