Compliance, traceability and marking

We offer a range of simple solutions to aid your traceability and marking needs, helping you to stay compliant.

This includes individual markings, bespoke branding and training reminder service as well as our online Certra™ system, which enables the efficient monitoring and management of assets.

Certra™ – online asset tracking

Certra™ is a secure integrated cloud based system giving instantaneous information on any number of assets, at any time of day.

In simple terms Certra™ enables compliance – giving reassurance that your assets meet the obligations of a range of regulations and statutory requirements such as LOLER, PUWER, PPE and WAHR*.

Certra™ uses radio frequency ID technology in conjunction with an online system which enables you to record, track, manage and monitor assets efficiently and effectively.

Simplifying and centralising the traceability of equipment considerably increases
operational performance and ultimately can help to improve safety.

Full compliance – Efficient, effective data management

Complete traceability – Access 24/7, any asset, anywhere

Total Security – Protect data and equipment

How does it work?

The system is intuitive, but we’re on hand if you need us.

  • Unique ID emitters are fitted to any asset at purchase point or retrofitted
  • Items are logged on the system
  • Items are inspected and status recorded
  • Inspections records created
  • Reminders set for next inspection or review
  • Inspection / reviews are carried out

Reporting options can be created as an add-on service

Transition is simple

We can upload your existing data from .xls or .csv files direct to the system, saving you the time and trouble of re-entering information. Fast and simple.

*LOLER – Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations: 1998
PUWER – Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations: 1998
PPE – Personal Protection Equipment Regulations: 2016
WAHR – Work at Height Regulations: 2005

Employee Training & Reminder Service

We currently provide a complimentary reminder service to all our candidates. Training reminders are sent at interim periods leading up to your certificate renewal period to ensure you are always certified.

Traceability & ID Marking

We can individually mark our equipment in accordance with a client’s own ID scheme. Using laser marking for devices, fabric labels for soft goods such as harnesses, ropes etc or RFID emitter technology on virtually any item of PPE.

This can also be aligned with our inspection services, where we can inspect and fit emitters at the same time if required. This can then be uploaded direct to your Certra™ system.


A range of company branding options are available. We currently offer bespoke branding on our full range of helmets and our new range of KARI transport bags. If you require branding on our other equipment let us know, we may be able to tailor a solution for you, depending on quantity and requirement.