Using Height Safety & Rescue Equipment – HART – Revalidation

For Hazardous Area Response Team operatives required to work at height in exposed locations.

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Our Using Height Safety & Rescue Equipment Revalidation course provides a refresher in education and practical training for the use of the specific types of personal fall protection and rescue equipment used by HART teams.

This Using Height Safety & Rescue Equipment – HART – Revalidation course reviews the content delivered in TFP4UH updating any legislation and procedural changes.

On completion of this course, candidates will have reviewed their knowledge of:- methods of fall protection, safety harness and lanyard (fitting and use), requirements for suitable anchorages, fixed vertical and horizontal fall arrest systems, restraint and work positioning systems, pre-use checks, care and storage of equipment and rescue requirements including suspension intolerance.

Practical skills gained include:- selection of suitable anchor points, energy absorbing lanyards, restraint systems, work positioning systems, temporary and fixed fall arrest systems and temporary vertical and horizontal safety line.

This Using Height Safety & Rescue Equipment – HART – Revalidation course revalidates the training in the use of the RescuePack system including the recovery reach pole.

Arranged to order for groups only. Please call for details.

For entry onto this course, candidates are required to have an in date Using Height Safety & Rescue Equipment – HART (Course Ref: TFP4UH) certificate.

This one day training course revalidates the Using Height Safety & Rescue Equipment – HART (Course Ref: TFP4UH) certificate for two years.

15% off equipment online for training candidates. Once you have successfully completed a heightec training course, you will be issued with your electronic certificate together with a discount code which can then be applied at the checkout when you shop on our web. View our height safety & rescue equipment.

Course Details

Duration: 1 day
Course Venues: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Kendal, Leeds, London
Entry Requirements: Minimum age 18. Must be fluent in English.
Instructor Ratio: 1:6
Course Code: TFP4UHR
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: heightec
Validity Period: 2 years
Medical Requirements: Physical fitness with no contra-indications for working at height. A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness will be requested prior to attendance.