Advanced Rescue Training – GWO

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) approved wind turbine advanced rescue training course for persons who have a current GWO Work at Height certificate and wish to learn Advanced Rescue Techniques.

For advanced rescue techniques from wind turbines. Covers several module areas over three days.

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Work at Height & rescue training
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This GWO Advanced Rescue Training course provides practical training in hub, blade, basement and restricted areas in the nacelle rescues both as a team and solo rescuer.

The training includes the use of powered rescue devices for lifting casualties up the WTG to the roof platform.

The course is 3 days duration and includes the following modules trained as team participation rescues during the course:

  • Team – Nacelle, tower & basement rescue
  • Team – Hub, spinner & inside blade rescue

The GWO also identifies that sometimes teams of two persons may be working together without external assistance and therefore the training course also requires these rescues to be done with a solo rescuer giving the following modules:

  • Single rescuer – hub, spinner & inside blade
  • Single rescuer – nacelle, tower, basement

The training is mainly practical and covers a variety of techniques to allow people to be rescued from the many awkward and restricted places within the turbine. The use of powered CRD’s is a key component in the training to assist casualty’s out of the basement and up to the roof of wind turbines that require helicopter transfers rather than vessel or vehicle.

Safety footwear required for all practical sessions.

To attend the ART course, candidates must hold a valid in-date certificate for:
• GWO BST module Working at Heights
• GWO First Aid & Manual Handling

The GWO Advanced Rescue Training for  Wind Turbines certificate is valid for two years. After this, a revalidation of the course will be required. Please see GWO Advanced Rescue Techniques – Revalidation. The 3 day revalidation course also revalidates the GWO Working at Heights certification along with the team Advanced Rescues. It doesn’t cover the solo rescuer modules as revalidation for these modules is not required.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) have launched their new Global Wind Industry Training Records Database – WINDA. To enter onto any GWO course, trained individuals are now required to register as Delegates on the WINDA database. For more information please refer to our news article.

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Advanced Resce

Course Details

Duration: 3 days
Course Venues: Kendal
Entry Requirements: Can only be undertaken by delegates who have previously completed the 2 day GWO approved Working at Heights & Rescue - Wind Turbines training and have a current certificate. Minimum age 18. See fitness requirements below. Must be fluent in English.
Instructor Ratio: 1:4
Course Code: TTS14U
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: GWO
Validity Period: 2 years
Medical Requirements: Physical fitness with no contra-indications for working at height. A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness will be requested prior to attendance.
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