IRATA Rope Access Technician – Level 1 Reval

IRATA Rope Access level 1 technician is capable of performing a limited range of rope access tasks NOTE: This course is at User level - employers must ensure adequate supervision is provided for candidates following this course.

Revalidates an in-date Level 1 IRATA certificate.

IRATA Rope Access Technician courses are available in our London Height Safety Training Centre

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IRATA Rope Access Technician
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Entry level course covering a wide range of working locations. Recommended for candidates who wish to enter the industry as rope access subcontractors.

Revalidation and assessment of IRATA level 1 knowledge and skills including:

Characteristics of a safe system of work, including equipment, legal requirements, objective hazards, risk assessment and method statements, conformity and certification, inspection, emergency considerations and rescue procedures.

Basic principles of movement on ropes – ascent, descent, changing from ascent to descent, changing from rope to rope, crossing a knot, aid climbing and traversing, passing re-anchors and deviations, use of a back-up system, elementary rigging and rope management, elementary rescue.

Rope Access techniques can be used in a wide range of onshore and offshore activities i.e. to carry out theatre and concert rigging, maintenance and repair work, surveyng and NDT (non-destructive testing), construction and groundworks, window cleaning and wind turbine blade cleaning etc.

It is advantageous if an IRATA Rope Access Technician has an additional trade qualification to compliment their IRATA qualification.

ACWAHT (Advisory Committee for Work at Height Training) syllabus is also covered in this course.

The IRATA Level 1 Revalidation course covers:

  • Categories of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Selection, use and maintenance of equipment, equipment checks and inspection
  • IRATA syllabus and certificate scheme, logbooks
  • Anchor types and systems, angle loading
  • Awareness of fall factors, hauling systems
  • Suspension trauma and casualty management

Practical skills covered include:

  • Assembly, fitting and checking of personal equipment, use of the back up device
  • Rigging skills, including tying, dressing and setting of appropriate knots.
  • Manoeuvres: Ascent & descent, changeovers, descent using ascenders ascent using a descender, passing knots, passing deviations, passing a re-belay
  • Rope-to-rope transfer
  • Passing an edge or obstruction at the top
  • Use of a work seat (comfort seat)
  • Passing mid-rope protection
  • Climbing with cow’s tails and fall arrest lanyards
  • Rescue/hauling in descent and an awareness of basic hauling and lowering.

The heightec Group Ltd holds public and professional indemnity insurance which includes personal injury. You should be aware that not all training providers have this cover.

You can take your re-assessment early:
If an IRATA Rope Access Technician undertakes a re-assessment at the same level up to six months before their current expiry date his new expiry date will be 3 years from the last assessment expiry date.

Other Considerations
Equipment costings can be given at the time of a training course enquiry. However, it is recommended that equipment be selected following completion of the course.

15% off equipment online for training candidates. Once you have successfully completed a heightec training course, you will be issued with your electronic certificate together with a discount code which can then be applied at the checkout when you shop on our web. View our height safety & rescue equipment.

Read our FAQ on IRATA & ISO Rope Access Training.

Course Details

Duration: 5 days
Course Venues: London
Entry Requirements: In-date IRATA level 1 certificate is required. Minimum age 18. Must be fluent in English.
Instructor Ratio: 1:6
Course Code: TRA2UR
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: IRATA Level 1 certificate
Validity Period: 3 years
Medical Requirements: Candidates should be medically and physically able to perform the tasks expected in terms of strength, agility and co-ordination and be able to haul their own body weight repeatedly. They should also be able to withstand the stresses of the working environment such as exposure to heights, heat, cold and bad weather. Candidates should also be free of medical conditions which are contra-indications for this type of work, e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, obesity, etc. Completion of a self-certified medical declaration indicating such fitness will be required for all rope access courses. Minimum age is 18 years. Must have fluent English.