NEW Rail Coach Roof Access Course

Rail Coach Roof Access

Rail Coach Roof Access Course: Introducing a completely new practical training course specifically designed for the transport sector.

The new Rail Coach Roof Access course is aimed at transport workers who need to safely access specific features of rail coach roofs for purposes such as inspection or maintenance.

This course is tailored towards transport systems such as rail, tram, metro and trolley/electrified buses, more specifically where a pantograph is present.

The half day course provides an introduction to work at height and methods of fall protection. You will gain a basic understanding of how to select appropriate restraint systems, correct use and application of restraint systems within a practical context.

On completion of the course, participants will have gained knowledge on:

  • methods of fall protection
  • pre-use equipment checks
  • selection of suitable anchorages
  • identifying suitable work restraint equipment

Practical skills covered include:

  • fitting a fall arrest harness
  • use of anchorage slings and connectors
  • attachment and use of restraint lanyards
  • adjustable restraint lanyard use

Training certification is valid for 3 years, after which time participants will be required to complete the course again.

Courses are available now. If you would like to make a group booking or arrange for the course to be delivered for a group at your site please contact us.

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