Forestry and arboriculture are relatively high risk industries. The tree canopy makes for a diverse and challenging environment for arborists.  

In these difficult to access areas, the right climbing equipment is essential.

heightec offers a comprehensive range of equipment and training for arborists to work safely and efficiently.

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Arborist ARB

The arb industry encompasses a vast array of disciplines including diagnosis and treatment, lightning protection and tree felling and removal.

heightec’s arb range of specialist equipment for tree climbing , rigging, lifting and lowering devices, is designed to make long hours of rope work  safe and efficient and ultimately more comfortable for tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers.

The DUON helmet is the first and only safety helmet that fully conforms to European Standard requirements for industrial and climbing situations.

heightec pulleys and lifting kits allow arborists to safely rig down trunk sections and branches, maintaining complete control of the load.

Our rope protection range is designed specifically for rope access. The SENTINEL chainmail rope protector offers unrivalled performance with high cut resistance even against sharp tools. Watch our video.

D44 SYNC Ascender