Rope Access

Rope Access is the most versatile of new access methods. It is used for a wide variety of work; inspection, construction, cleaning, painting and non-destructive testing.

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Rope Access industry

Rope Access is quick and easy to install and dismantle and is a practical safe solution which can solve many awkward and troublesome problems of access that could otherwise involve large investment in time and money.

This method of access is therefore a major saving benefit to many companies and as a result, both the ISO and IRATA qualifications are invaluable for those wishing to pursue a career as a freelance rope access technician.

For individuals wishing to pursue work as a freelance technician we recommend the IRATA training scheme, which is widely recognised by contracting companies.

For companies who work in a specific sector and want to add in-house rope access capability in specific, lower risk, environments, we suggest you consider the ISO training qualification. This gives more detailed coverage of training skills in environments similar to the intended work environment e.g. geotechnical, specialist net rigging, window cleaning, masts and towers, and wind turbines.

heightec’s range offers innovative solutions to traditional problems – such as the DUON height safety helmet.

Our high specification harness options give the flexibility to choose a system to suit you:

  • EXTOL integrated full body harness with SYNC chest ascender
  • AURA Modular System – Premium harness combination, offers performance of EXTOL in modular form.

Each combination includes the new SYNC integrated chest ascender.

SYNC chest ascender features:

  • Sewn in design for integrity and performance
  • Secure, stable and comfortable

Sewn directly to the harness for security and integrity, no extra connectors are required. For donning, the harness can be opened and closed as normal with a screwlink/karabiner.

Sits tightly against the chest section for efficient ascending.

Secure fit reduces movement to an absolute minimum for optimum comfort and efficiency

heightec’s enhanced industrial Rope Access Kit features:

Also available:

Work at Height First Aid Pack – portable kit for use on high structures. Compliant with BS8599-1:2019. Can be attached to harness for easy transport. Contained in rucksack style case, with prominent reflective markings, zip around opening and a robust carry handle with attachment loop for clipping to a harness.