WTG climbing access, first aid, rescue and evacuation for onshore and offshore turbines.

heightec offers a range of courses tailored towards the industry. These include a host of certified wind industry courses including GWO accreditation which provides workers within the wind turbine industry access to industry approved height safety and rescue training.

Amongst our new additions to our training portfolio include:
  • GWO Enhanced First Aid
  • GWO Sea Survival
  • GWO Slinger Signaller
  • GWO Work at Heights & Manual Handling combined

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    The renewable wind industry has seen a massive growth in turbine construction and demand for skilled technicians.

    heightec is an approved Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certified training provider. View our full range of GWO approved training courses here.

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    Global Wind Organisation (GWO) accredited training courses have become a standard requirement for anyone wishing to work within the UK renewable wind industry.

    As an established training provider of industrial work at height and rescue, we are delighted to achieve another major milestone in our 25+ year history, reinforcing our position as a leading provider of specialist training and equipment for the wind sector.

    25years + serving the height safety industry

    Our continued growth highlights our commitment and drive to enhance our accredited training offer in accordance with the Global Wind Organisation.

    Our full range now includes:

    At our flagship Height Safety Training Centre in Kendal we have two WTG training simulators with tower, hub, yaw and roof which allows training to take place in a safe, but realistic environment. A cost-effective solution preventing downtime for operators.

    heightec has developed dedicated wind turbine work access equipment and rescue systems to meet the demands of wind turbine work both onshore and offshore.

    Our NEW HELIX climber’s harness is a uniquely designed lightweight solution that prioritises comfort, fit and function for all body types, regardless of size or gender, fitting men and women. The new HELIX climber’s harness is uniquely tailored to accommodate male and female body types, with five points of adjustment for height, torso length, chest, waist, rise and thigh dimensions. The design prioritises a high level of comfort and support for an unrivalled range of user sizes and is gender-inclusive to fit men and women due to its high adjustability.

    The lightweight VORTEX harness features a steel chest attachment point for compatibility with specific fall arrest guided rail and wire systems. Compatibility statement is available for HACA 7400 and Latchway 3102L-00 and 3100L-00AC fall arrest runner systems.

    The ROTOR is a high specification constant rate descender for self evacuation or casualty recovery from tall structures. Designed specifically to achieve a combination of high loads with long descent distances, it allows a greater number of people to evacuate rapidly by making repeated two person descents. The ROTOR features a simple yet unique robust design to withstand even the most demanding environments.

    Our RescuePack rescue systems are now available with our new ProSeal storage solution. The ProSeal storage system is a multi-layered approach that not only provides protection but also enables a supremely simple method of inspection to be used. The hermetic seal conditions reduce the speed of degradation therefore the contents remain in a better condition for longer, prolonging the life of the equipment stored.

    The Wind Turbine Safety Kit contains the smooth action PIRANHA adjustable belt, DUON-Air advanced safety helmet, NEW VORTEX renewable harness (with work positioning belt) and high specification ELITE twin energy absorbing lanyard.

    The DUON provides ultimate head protection for work at height and confined spaces. The helmet features a unique chinstrap buckle with variable fastening power, allowing wearers to be fully compliant in complex environments containing different, changing hazards.

    For our high performance lanyards please see our ELITE range. The ELITE twin lanyard arms are made from patented high twist rope, a new design which virtually eliminates the kinking which occurs with normal kernmantel rope versions. heightec ELITE lanyards are the only lanyards on the market with an automatically deploying footloop. FLEXOR lanyards feature elasticated legs giving reduced stowage and leg length which, when not under load, reduces the snag and entanglement risk. Improves safety and enables longer lanyards to be used. Elasticated section will reduce to a third of its extended length.

    The VANTAGE Locking Casualty Pulley for transferring a casualty onto a rescue system without cutting connections.

    CHRYSALIS Rescue Stretcher ProSeal – the ultimate storage solution for mission-critical equipment. Hermetically sealed giving a 20 year lifespan with supremely simple inspection process. The first and only sealed rescue stretcher. Versatile roll stretcher with a unique integral casualty harness for horizontal and vertical lifting. Tested with 4 m fall with a test mass of 125 kg.

    Work at Height First Aid Pack – portable kit for use on high structures. Compliant with BS8599-1:2019. Can be attached to harness for easy transport. Contained in rucksack style case, with prominent reflective markings, zip around opening and a robust carry handle with attachment loop for clipping to a harness.


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