WTG climbing access, rescue and evacuation for onshore and offshore turbines.

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Renewable Industry

The renewable wind industry has seen a massive growth in turbine construction and demand for skilled technicians. The Global Wind Organisation accredited training course has become a standard requirement for anyone wishing to work within the UK wind industry. Accredited courses are available at all of our Height Safety Centres.

At our flagship Height Safety Training Centre in Kendal we have a WTG training simulator with tower, hub, yaw and roof which allows training to take place in a safe, but realistic environment. A cost-effective solution preventing downtime for operators.

heightec has developed dedicated wind turbine work access equipment and rescue systems to meet the demands of wind turbine work both onshore and offshore.

The ROTOR is a high specification constant rate descender for self evacuation or casualty recovery from tall structures. Designed specifically to achieve a combination of high loads with long descent distances, it allows a greater number of people to evacuate rapidly by making repeated two person descents. The ROTOR features a simple yet unique robust design to withstand even the most demanding environments. The mechanism is fully waterproof with no external moving parts for minimal maintenance and total durability.

The Wind Turbine Safety Kit contains the smooth action PIRANHA adjustable belt, DUON-Air advanced safety helmet, NEW VORTEX renewable harness (with work positioning belt) and high specification ELITE twin energy absorbing lanyard.

The DUON provides ultimate head protection for work at height and confined spaces. The helmet features a unique chinstrap buckle with variable fastening power, allowing wearers to be fully compliant in complex environments containing different, changing hazards.

Our ELITE lanyards now feature our brand new compact absorber design which has a replaceable neoprine cover, tamper evident but with increased durability. ELITE lanyards also feature a built-in suspension intolerance relief footloop that deploys automatically, providing support for both feet in the event of a fall.

All heightec kits come complete in a KARI transport bag. The KARI range offers all the features of traditional dry bags but with increased protection. The range is WLL rated, and tested and certified for high loads. The new style of bags have stronger seams which have been RF welded for enhanced strength and the reinforced cylindrical base offers exceptional durability.

heightec also offer practical based WTG training in climbing access, rescue and evacuation for onshore and offshore turbines. Includes Global Wind Organisation (GWO) accredited training.