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Advanced solutions for fall protection, evacuation, casualty recovery and rescue.

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Dedicated solutions for the oil & gas industry.

Drilling and refinery situations have a high proportion of work locations at height, including areas reached by “traditionally” protected structures like hooped ladders which present the possibility of near-certain injury in the event of a fall (see recent HSE research in the resources section of this site).

Rescue provision is therefore an important consideration in the oil and gas industry when planning suitable safe systems of work.

heightec’s RescuePack Reach is a self-contained system which allows recovery of a casualty with minimum equipment from any place above or below ground.

The system is in widespread use throughout the UK fire service and within commercial rescue teams in every type of process industry. Full training in the RescuePack is also available.

The ROTOR is a high specification constant rate descender for self evacuation or casualty recovery from tall structures. Designed specifically to achieve a combination of high loads with long descent distances, it allows a greater number of people to evacuate rapidly by making repeated two person descents. The ROTOR features a simple yet unique robust design to withstand even the most demanding environments.

Our RescuePack rescue systems are now available with our new ProSeal storage solution. The ProSeal storage system is a multi-layered approach that not only provides protection but also enables a supremely simple method of inspection to be used. The hermetic seal conditions reduce the speed of degradation therefore the contents remain in a better condition for longer, prolonging the life of the equipment stored.

The DUON provides ultimate head protection for work at height and confined spaces. The helmet features a unique chinstrap buckle with variable fastening power, allowing wearers to be fully compliant in complex environments containing different, changing hazards.

APEX Integrated Harness – The only harness offering an integrated yet replaceable chest ascender.

Work at Height First Aid Pack – portable kit for use on high structures. Compliant with BS8599-1:2019. Can be attached to harness for easy transport. Contained in rucksack style case, with prominent reflective markings, zip around opening and a robust carry handle with attachment loop for clipping to a harness.

Oil & Gas Working at Heights & Rope Access