Systems for ladder and pylon climbing, work positioning, fall arrest, evacuation and rescue after a fall.

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heightec Energy Industry Knowledge through Experience

Energy and utilities is a broad category which includes activities as diverse as overhead line work, pole climbing and confined space entry.

In addition to a diverse range of fall protection systems which might be required, there are also differing needs for rescue and emergency equipment.

heightec provide pre-assembled, ready to use work system for all work at height and rescue situations, including climbing kits, temporary vertical fall arrest anchor lines, positioning belts,  and a full range of dedicated rescue equipment.

heightec’s National Access & Rescue Centre for provides full training for all energy working situations.

Our brand new NEON harness has a high load rating (140kg) and is designed to ensure a good fit, giving maximum comfort and security. The chest rings and articulated hip section align the webbing to give greater freedom of movement. New features include integrated lanyard parking points at the shoulder which breakaway in the event of a fall. The rear extension strap allows connection of EN 360 retractable fall arrest blocks only.

The DUON provides ultimate head protection for work at height and confined spaces. The helmet features a unique chinstrap buckle with variable fastening power, allowing wearers to be fully compliant in complex environments containing different, changing hazards.

For our high performance lanyards please see our ELITE range. The ELITE twin lanyard arms are made from patented high twist rope, a new design which virtually eliminates the kinking which occurs with normal kernmantel rope versions. heightec ELITE lanyards are the only lanyards on the market with an automatically deploying footloop. FLEXOR lanyards feature elasticated legs giving reduced stowage and leg length which, when not under load, reduces the snag and entanglement risk. Improves safety and enables longer lanyards to be used. Elasticated section will reduce to a third of its extended length

All heightec kits come complete in a KARI transport bag. The KARI range offers all the features of traditional dry bags but with increased protection. The range is WLL rated, and tested and certified for high loads. The new style of bags have stronger seams which have been RF welded for enhanced strength and the reinforced cylindrical base offers exceptional durability.

Work at Height First Aid Pack – portable kit for use on high structures. Compliant with BS8599-1:2019. Can be attached to harness for easy transport. Contained in rucksack style case, with prominent reflective markings, zip around opening and a robust carry handle with attachment loop for clipping to a harness.