NEW ROTOR MaxLift – Powered Automatic Rescue & Evacuation Descender – Available Now

Rotor MaxLift

NEW ROTOR MaxLift – Powered Automatic Rescue & Evacuation Descender with enhanced rescue lifting capability and connector for powered driver pack to optimise lifting.

With automatic descent speed control in escape, self-evacuation and rescue from tall structures such as wind turbines and tower cranes.

Adaptable – for both rescue and lifting applications, including ‘Rescue Up’
Powerful – enhanced lift capability with addition of MaxLift PowerPack
Fast – multiple person escape using alternative rope ends
Efficient – excels at long distance and heavy load lifts
Durable – 10+ year lifespan. Full service support available
Safe –  No external moving parts when descending, prevents risk of injury or entrapment
High Load Rating – when lifting or lowering

Additional features:

  • Can changeover from lifting to lowering mode whilst under load
  • Friction points enable additional fine control
  • Active or passive operation
    • Active – can be attached to an anchor point (passive) or
    • Passive – direct to the user harness.
  • Manual operation or full powered operation
    • Powered – add-on MaxLift PowerPack cordless driver (available separately)
    • Manual – detachable ratchet handle (included in kits)
  • Tested for conformity assessment to lift in dry, wet and cold conditions

ROTOR MaxLift Powered Automatic Rescue & Evacuation Descender is a core component of our RescuePack rescue systems:

Wind Turbine Rescues options:

Tower Crane Rescue options:

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