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The CHRYSALIS rescue stretcher videos showcases this versatile stretcher and how it can be used for both horizontal and vertical lifting for rescue from a wide range of confined, exposed or high locations.

Compatible with spine boards placed on or within the stretcher.

The integral body harness conforms to the dynamic performance requirements of EN 361 (full body fall arrest harness; unique to the CHRYSALIS). With 140 kg mass.

Made from reinforced coated fabric which gives unbeatable weight to strength. The full body casualty harness provides an unrivalled combination of fit, comfort and strength. Quick buckle system means using the harness is fast and simple.

Tested with 4 m fall with a test mass of 140 kg. For static vertical and horizontal lifting, SWL of 260 kg, based on a Factor of Safety of 10:1.

The casualty rescue stretcher has six patient restraint straps  with quick connect buckles to ensure the casualty is kept secure as well as one head restraint system.  The integral harness is fitted with two quick connect buckles and can be adjusted with one hand.  The retaining straps are aligned for rapid fastening in an emergency situation.

Stores flat to minimise movement of casualty when fitting. Adjustable foot stirrup and head strap can be fitted once the casualty is secure.

High abrasion resistance of the outer case and the high visibility design ensures ultimate protection of the casualty. The bright colours aid use in low light conditions. The tough fabric construction resists abrasion and water ingress and can be washed down after use for infection control.

The plastic internal sheet can be removed to enable the stretcher to be machine washed.

Once employed the integral harness is always connected to the lifting points whether in horizontal or vertical lift for complete casualty security.

Supplied with bridle and KARI 50 durable waterproof PVC storage bag. The stretcher rolls up for compact storage and easy of transportation.


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CHRYSALIS Rescue Stretcher

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