Energy & Utility Skills Registration Revalidation Update

Energy and Utility Skills are now managing the approval of training companies against the MATS standard.

As from the January 2021 the MATS group have reviewed the use of Arqiva approved certificates as evidence to undertake renewal training.

From EUSR –

  • All individuals who are not registered to EUSR and are new to Tower Climbing & Rescue must undertake the 3-day initial training course (TTS2U).
  • Arqiva approved certificates for Tower Climbing only, Rescue only or both (regardless of the expiry date) are no longer acceptable for undertaking the revalidation course. Any participants with these certificates must undertake the 3-day initial training course (TTS2U).
  • Only participants with a current EUSR registration for Tower Climbing & Rescue (TTS2U) are able to take the 1 day revalidation course (TTS2UR).
  • Participants whose EUSR Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue (TTS2U) scheme registration has expired has up to 12 months from the date of expiry to complete the revalidation course (TTS2UR). If the registration has expired for more than 12 months, participants must undertake the 3 day initial training course (TTS2U).

For more information, please contact EUSR.

MATS and AQUIVA gateaway approved training provider