NEXUS – 2 Point Fall Arrest Harness

Fall arrest and restraint harness suitable for all general work at height and rescue.

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Ideal for all general work at height and roof safety, the NEXUS 2 point fall arrest harness is light and easy to don.

The unique heightec webbing junction plate enables optimum fit, providing maximum comfort.

Has front and rear attachment points.

Unique stainless steel chest plates orientate the webbing for optimal comfort.

New shoulder buckles allow quick and easy adjustment with one hand.

Front attachment point is suitable for fall arrest, vertical systems and rescue.

Fully adjustable fall arrest harness structure ensures good fit with maximum comfort and security.

Contrasting leg and torso colour webbing assists correct fitting of harness for the less experienced users.

NEXUS 2 Point Fall Arrest Harness Measurements:

Torso – 85 – 128 cm
Thigh – 60 – 100 cm

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heightec’s RoofPack Roof Safety Kit which features the NEXUS 2 point fall arrest harness as a key component. Also in the RoofPack are the ELITE Twin Lanyards. Optional helmets are available for the RoofPack Safety kit – DUON unvented helmet and the DUON Air vented helmet.


  • Front attachment/rescue point
  • Rear attachment point
  • Fully adjustable
  • Enhanced protective web sleeves
  • Constrasting colour leg and torso webbing


Sizing: Universal
Material: Polyamide, steel
EN Mass Test: 140kg
Loading: Fall Arrest Load
Weight: 0.93 kg
Conformity: EN 361